Come Home to
Gentle Whispers
For Women

Gentle Whispers Recovery is a program of Streetfire Ministries, Inc.


Women's Sober Home

Onsite Recovery Support


Our residential program includes onsite recovery support including one-on-one meetings, group meetings and life-coaching.  Additional off-site support is available within a mile of our home at CVH and various AA/NA meetings.

Faith Based


This is a 'One-Step' program!  We'll help you take one step closer to Jesus each day.  It is with His love and wisdom that we are able to establish and maintain our recovery.



We offer a loving, safe and supportive atmosphere that allows you to be vulnerable to God, who will guide you into the beautiful life He created you to live.



Prospective clients must have completed detoxification and have at least three documented months of sobriety.

All residents must be female 

and age 18 or over.

Individualized Program


We will perform an intake assessment to determine the type of individualized program needed for each client.  During that assessment, we will help our clients to consider their current level of recovery to determine their need for Outpatient Recovery Programs, outside therapy, 12-step meetings, employment, etc.

Every client will have a schedule of activities and will be required to adhere to that schedule.

Onsite Management/Support


The  Pastors of Streetfire Ministries, Inc. live onsite and oversee the Gentle Whispers Recovery program.  Thus, they are readily available for ongoing support and supervision and are dedicated to sharing their experience with our clients in order to assist them in achieving and maintaining long-term recovery.

Clean, Safe & Productive


Being under the influence of non-prescribed drugs and/or alcohol is STRICTLY forbidden.  We have a one-strike rule.  Anyone found to be under the influence due to either a random drug/alcohol test or one administered due to suspicion will be required to leave the premises immediately.  

Anyone found to be in possession of drugs, alcohol or paraphernalia will also be required to leave the premises immediately.

Additionally, anyone who has knowledge that there are or have been drugs or alcohol on the premises and did not report it will also be required to leave.

EVERY client will be expected to be productive and active by either working, looking for work, or if unemployable, volunteering.  

Onsite Program Requirements


Up to four women will be accommodated at our facility at a time.  We require women to interact with each other in a positive, supportive and encouraging manner.  

On Mondays and Fridays, we hold two mandatory Bible Discussion Groups following our Beauty For Ashes day program.  Attendance is required unless a client is a work or has been authorized in advance to miss these groups.

Based on each client's Individualized Program, AA and or NA meetings may be required.  Outpatient therapy and/or recovery programs may also be required.  

Each client will be expected to attain or maintain employment.  If they are unable to work due to disability, we will assist them in setting up a schedule of activities that will allow them to be productive.


Faith - Based


The  Directors of the Gentle Whispers Recovery Program are both Pastors of a non-denominational ministry whose primary focus is on achieving recovery with the guidance and direction found in the Bible and by way of the Holy Spirit.  

We believe in the trinity of God the Father, God the Son and The Holy Spirit. 

We believe that when we get to heaven, God isn't going to ask us what denomination we were with.  He's going to ask if we knew Jesus personally!

Our Facility

Our program is housed in the top two floors 

of a beautiful three story 1890's house on a quiet Middletown, CT street.

The 'upper rooms' on the top floor consist of two bedrooms which each accommodate two clients, bringing the house total to a comfortable four women.  The second floor includes one and a half  baths, a full kitchen, a gathering room, a deck and program office with computers.  WiFi is available.

The first floor is occupied by the pastors of Streetfire Ministries who oversee the Gentle Whispers Recovery program and provide onsite management and recovery support.